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Corner Clinic Osteopathy opened in 2017 and has been helping Coburg and Brunswick locals with their heath needs for over five years. We are located on the corner of Sydney and Moreland Roads in Coburg - just on the border of Brunswick.

Our expert team of osteopaths are dedicated to helping people at every age and stage to improve and maintain their physical wellbeing. The Corner Clinic team have created an environment in which their practitioners can provide patients with innovative and practical health services based on their own style and in accordance with their core values. The Corner Clinic team look forward to being the resident osteopaths that Coburg and Brunswick locals trust.

Our services include osteopathy, dry needling, cupping, shockwave therapy and exercise rehab.

Our purpose

Our clinic is built on the strong foundation of our ongoing commitment to the total health and well-being of our patients. We aim to equip patients with the tools and knowledge necessary to improve their overall state of health by helping the body to enhance its own natural functions, with a strong focus on long-term goals. Through extensive experience and professional training, our team of highly skilled practitioners will assist patients in achieving their objectives through pain and injury management, as well as strategic treatment plans designed to optimise the structure and functions of the body.

Our convenient location is easily accessible by public transport, we are 250 metres from Moreland train station and a short walk from several tram stops along the Sydney and Moreland Road tram routes 1, 6 and 19. Click Here to see a detailed map

Our Team

Dr Cassandra Willox

Cassandra graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy) and Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy). Cassandra's interest in osteopathy began after being treated by an osteopath for her own sports injuries. Experiencing the treatment style of an osteopath inspired Cassandra to become one herself in order to help people improve their own health.

As an osteopath Cassandra is passionate about helping her patients understand their pain and helping them to get back to feeling their best. Cassandra employs a range of osteopathic techniques when treating patients such as manipulation, soft tissue and articulation. Cassandra also uses rehab in conjunction with hands on techniques to ensure patients get the best results long term.

Cassandra has a keen interest in sports as she has been involved with high level Taekwondo for many years and was a sports trainer at local footy club PEGS FC, where she treated and managed both acute and chronic injuries and conditions. In addition to this Cassandra has a Bachelor of Science (Biomedical and Exercise). Cassandra enjoys treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions and has a special interest in treating low back pain, neck pain and sports injuries.

As a Coburg and Brunswick local you can find Cassandra in a local café with her head in a book or catching up with friends over a coffee.

Dr Patrick Sawaya

Patrick graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy) and Master of Health Science (Osteopathy). Playing sports such as Footy (AFL) and Basketball growing up, Patrick always had a keen interest in optimising the human body to perform at its best. Patrick’s motivation to become an Osteopath started from a previous degree. He graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Science degree, where he gravitated towards subjects involving Anatomy and Health. He knew he wanted to pursue a career which would see him help people, and so Osteopathy seemed like the perfect fit.

Patrick will look to identify the source of the problem that patients present with during consults and aims to look at the reasons why the pain or dysfunction has started, rather than simply just treating it. This method aims to prevent the condition from recurring, and Patrick allows time in consults to provide education for patients on this. Patrick utilises a variety of treatment techniques; including soft tissue massage, joint articulation/manipulation, and general osteopathic techniques in conjunction with patient preferences to achieve positive outcomes.

He has been a trainer for his local sports club (West Brunswick FC), where he managed and provided advice for players suffering injuries. He enjoys treating a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, with a special interest in neck, low back, sports injuries as well as treating the Geriatric population.

Outside the clinic, Patrick spends his time at local cafes and bars, and through the winter supports his AFL team Essendon (even if he is let down year after year).

Dr David Madigan

David graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Master of Osteopathy.

In addition to his education and training as an osteopath, David has undertaken APPI certified training in clinical Pilates and further professional development courses in dry needling, often incorporating this method into his treatment plans to address musculoskeletal pain. As a practitioner, David believes in combining prescribed injury prevention/rehabilitation exercises with thorough hands-on manual treatment to best manage a wide range of injuries and conditions varying from pregnancy related complaints to injuries of elite sports people and all things in between.

While he no longer competes on the football field himself, David understands the demands placed on the human body when engaging in physical activity and approaches each patient situation with empathy and understanding. An avid sports fan with expert knowledge in all things AFL, he spends his free time at the MCG supporting the Hawks and can often be found keeping active at the local gym or participating in various fun-runs around town.

Dr Jon Zuccala

Jon has been a practising osteopath since graduating from Victoria University. Jon has completed extra study in dry needling, exercise rehabilitation and Pilates. Jon is keenly interested in treating back/neck pain, headaches and sporting injuries. He has found the most success in using a combined approach of hands-on treatment together with exercise prescription to produce the best results for his patients. Jon has a personal passion for golf and plays as often as he can.

Jon has combined his work as an Osteopath and his personal passion for golf by gaining Certification by the Titleist Performance Institute. Using a combination of manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation Jon aids golfers to get the best out of their body and their golf.

Outside the clinic, Jon has been brushing up on his Italian. A lot of Jon’s hobbies have recently come in second place to spend more time with his young family, but when given the chance, Jon enjoys playing soccer and banging away on the drums.

We currently offer these services



Osteopathy focuses on the whole body and treatment revolves around a core belief that if one part of the body is not functioning optimally the rest of the body must adapt and compensate. Osteopaths are hands on and use many techniques including massage, stretching, joint articulation, joint mobilisation, dry needling, cupping and shockwave therapy. We provide diagnosis, prognosis and a management plan with exercise rehab. At Corner Clinic Osteopathy we create a simple step by step process to help patients achieve successful outcomes. Our practitioners are tertiary qualified and are registered with the Osteopathy Board of Australia, as required by law. Professionals of the Osteopathic industry are also regulated by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), making our clinic a highly professional and safe place for you and your family.

Osteopathic treatment can:
- Improve overall posture.
- Improve strength and stability to prevent recurrence of injury.
- Relieve muscle tension.
- Reduce joint pain and stiffness.
- Decrease stress on the body’s spinal and musculoskeletal systems.
- Increase circulation.
Osteopathy can help with the following conditions, but not limited to:
- Lower back pain / Sciatica.
- Headaches.
- Shoulder pain / Tendinopathy.
- Hip pain.
- Achilles pain.
- Knee pain.
- Pregnancy related pain.
- Foot and ankle pain.
Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy

Radial Shockwave therapy is the application of high frequency impulses to injured areas of the body. Common, but not limited to, conditions that have been shown to improve from shockwave therapy include:

- Tennis Elbow.
- Golfer’s Elbow.
- Shoulder injuries (Including bursitis and rotator cuff tendon dysfunction).
- Plantar Fasciitis.
- Shin Splints.
- Achilles pain and Tendinopathy.
- Patellar Tendinopathy.

At Corner Clinic Osteopathy we offer Shockwave therapy either combined with our standard osteopathic consultations or Shockwave only consultations where advisable. The best strategy for you will be advised by one of our osteopaths. We commonly see improvements between 1-4 shockwave sessions.

Conditions we commonly treat

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Do I need a referral?
No, Osteopaths are primary care practitioners and anyone is free to make an appointment with us without a referral. Please feel free to call us to discuss your situation and to make an appointment or book online.
Will my appointment be covered by Medicare?
No, Osteopathic treatment is not covered by Medicare unless you are under an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan organised by your General Practitioner (GP). This is a Medicare scheme that allows eligible patients with chronic conditions up to five subsidised allied health services per year.
Will my appointment be covered by my Private Health Insurance?
Osteopathy, Pilates and Remedial Massage are all claimable under private health insurance Extras and our HICAPS terminal will allow for on the spot claims, if applicable. To find out if you are covered for these services under your insurance policy, please contact your insurance company to get accurate advice on the level of cover you have.
What’s the difference between osteo/physio/chiro?
Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors are all therapists that treat common injuries, yet each modality has differing philosophies. At Corner Clinic Osteopathy we use a holistic approach to diagnose your specific complaint and apply a broad range of evidence based treatment options to help you achieve the best possible outcome. We believe that if you are asking yourself the above question, your condition will quite likely be well-managed by our team. If you are still unsure please feel free to contact the clinic. See conditions we commonly treat here.
What will happen on my first visit?
On your first visit, we allow extra time to enable us to take an in-depth history on your condition. We will then use a physical examination to accurately diagnose your condition and other areas of dysfunction. A clear explanation of your injury will then be given to you by your practitioner, including the treatment you will receive that day. Corner Clinic Osteopathy offers a broad range of treatment options in keeping with an evidence based approach. This will help us in ensuring your comfort. To conclude the initial consult, a detailed recommended action plan on how to best solve your problem will be discussed; this will often extend beyond the treatment room and may involve adaptions to your ergonomics, exercise and lifestyle if needed.

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